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Speed Skating Organizations

In addition to our local Club, Speed Skating is governed at the provincial, national, and international level.


Speed Skating Alberta


Speed Skating Alberta, SSA, (formerly the Alberta Amateur Speed Skating Association, AASSA), is the provincial sport organization (PTSO) responsible for the amateur sport of speed skating in the Province of Alberta. Our Association administers both the long and short track disciplines of the sport . A total of 1400 skaters, volunteers, coaches, officials and administrators from twelve community clubs across Alberta make up the membership of AASSA. In turn AASSA is one of 12 provincial sport organizations that make up Speed Skating Canada (SSC), our national sport organization. SSC is governed by the International Skating Union (ISU). Alberta Speed Skating is located on the second floor of the Calgary Olympic Oval and has more information on speed skating on their website:


Speed Skating Canada


SSC is our sport’s national governing body and was founded in Montreal in 1887. Just as Alberta Speed Skating represents us at the national level, SSC represents us at the international level. SSC’s primary mandate is to support the National Teams and, as such, does not broadly affect RDCLSSC members. For those skaters who attend Canada Cup (Long Track) and National Team Trial (Short Track) meets, SSC’s influence is significant. Also, SSC is always happy to send out promotional posters if you ask for them. SSC is based in Gloucester, Ontario. For more information on Speed Skating, in general, and the Long Term Participant and Athlete Development Plan, see the SSC Website:


The International Skating Union

The ISU is the international sport governing body for short and long track speed skating, as well as for figure skating. The ISU is responsible for organizing the World Cups and World Championships of short and long track speed skating, not to mention the Olympic competitions. Website:

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