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Red Deer Central Lions Speed Skating Club relies on adult volunteering and fundraising generated through several yearly events to make our Club work for our skaters. These fundraising activities are in place to help us keep our sport affordable for all families. The Club Executive decides fundraising initiatives each year and welcomes fundraising ideas from any Club Members! 

Regular Fundraising Activities

FundScrip Gift Cards

Our ongoing fundraiser is now FundScrip Gift Cards! Learn more about how your everyday purchases can Support our Club!

Anyone can purchase gift cards for stores they use every day and FundsScrip donates a percentage (on top of the value of the gift card) to the Club. Spread the word and support our Club with your regular shopping!

Spread the word to families and friends: Anytime they want a gift card (physical cards by mail or ecards) for almost anything they can purchase through FundScrip using our Club's code and a percentage is donated directly to the Club while you receive the gift card amount in full (meaning the donation is not out of your pocket!).

How To Use FundScrip? Simply follow these easy steps:

  • Go to: FundScrip Support a Group
  • Set up an Account
  • Enter RDCLSSC’s invitation code is: 6JL3T5. This code directs the FundScrip percentage to our Club.
  • Order Gift Cards for your usual stores and shop as usual. Gift cards are available as physical cards (mailed to you) or as eCards.

The Club may organize a FundScrip drive where you can take bulk orders from friends and families. This is in addition to ongoing FundScrip online ordering as above. For full FundScrip information see our Support page.

Silent Auction

We host a Silent Auction once a year (normally at our Long Track Meet, a National Level Meet, or a Pub Night).

All Club Members contribute a Silent Auction Item (minimum value: $40/family). Items are to be submitted in an attractive fashion suitable for an auction to reduce the preparation and set-up time for our Club Silent Auction Volunteers. Contributions may be combined into larger bid packages. Families can also discuss donating the cash equivalent of an item (minimum $40) to the VP Fundraising who will use this to provide a larger bid package.

Families are encouraged to seek out donations from local businesses and services so that there is no additional costs to families (a Club Donation Request Letter will be sent to all families).

Families are not expected to bid on Silent Auction items unless they really want the item.

Past Fundraisers and Additional Fundraising Ideas

Past Fundraisers: In the past, we have used a variety of fundraisers such as:

  • selling chocolate almonds (families paid $60 for a case of almonds and sold them to recoup the expenditure)
  • bottle drives (families collect and bring bottles to a bottle drive night)
  • pub nights (we have hosted a variety of pub nights as fundraisers and Club Members volunteer at the pub night as well)

Additional Fundraising activities will be decided by the Fundraising Committee. All fundraising activities must be pre-approved by the Club Executive. Please send ideas for fundraising to the Club email. 

Summary of Costs to Families for Fundraising

As a Club, our goal is to keep speed skating fun and affordable. Our Fundraising and Volunteering expectations mean that your time and effort count for a lot and we try to keep out-of pocket expenses to a minimum. The following breaks down the regular fundraising costs for families in our Club.

  • Lions Golf Fundraiser: $0.00 (Volunteer Time and Silent Auction Donations)
  • FundScrip Gift Cards: $0.00 (sell to family and friends or buy cards for stores you shop at regularly)
  • Food for Meets: $10.00-$20.00 (depending on items)
  • Silent Auction Item: $40.00
  • Chocolate Almonds: $0.00 (paused for 2020; families paid $60.00 within registration fees but recouped this through selling the almonds)
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