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Free Open Skate Nights

We welcome skaters of all abilities to try Speed Skating for free!

Please fill out the Open Try Registration Form and a member of the Club Executive will contact you.



Join us for an evening to try speed skating and see what the fun is all about!


Open Skate Night Equipment


Speed Skating, like all sports, has specialized equipment. Some equipment from other winter sports is cross-compatible with speed skating. For Open Try Nights, the Club has several sets of basic gear available for kids to use for their Open Skate Night but you are also welcome to bring your own. The following gear is required for skaters to be on the ice:

Speed Skates (provided by the Club if sizes available) or bring hockey skates

    • Helmet (e.g. speed skating, bike, winter sport, or hockey/ringette)
    • Protective Glasses
    • Neck Guard (bib-style hockey neck guard)
    • Knee pads (volleyball-style soft knee pads; elbow pads can also be helpful for new skaters)
    • Shin Guards (soccer style is best but hockey shin/knee pads are acceptable)
    • Kevlar or Dyneema Ankle Guards (Kevlar guards provided by the Club for new Skaters)
    • Cut-proof gloves or mitts (leather or kevlar such as ski mitts, leather gloves, or hockey gloves)
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