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Club Speed Skating Programs

Updated 11 July 2023


Members who join by August 31, 2023, will receive a 10% Early Bird Registration Discount on Club Fees. 


RDLSSC Programs follow the Speed Skating Canada Long Term Athlete Development model ( 


Skaters are placed in Groups based on their ability and age. New Skaters are placed in Group 1 and evaluated for ability throughout the season. The following table details the Club Programs and is updated in the summer each year.


Please Note: All adults are required to join the Club as Members (Volunteers/Associates, Officials, and Coaches). For more information, see the Club's Registration page.


Club Registration is open now through IceReg. For more information, see our Registration page.

Learn to Speed Skate Programs (Fall or Winter Programs)

Want to try speedskating? Want to try on your own Hockey Skates? Learn to Fly on Ice with us!


Skaters in this program must be able to skate (unassisted around a hockey rink). 

This is a Learn to Speed Skate program that integrates young skaters who are new to Speed Skating into our youngest speed skating group. Skaters in this program will skate with Group 1 once a week on Tuesdays or Thursdays from October through December (on-ice time: 5:45pm). Skaters in this category are also eligible to attend Meets. A great first meet for new skaters is our Red Deer Short Track Meet in November! New, Introductory, skaters can also choose 2 Nights a Week! 

Regular Programs (Club Athlete - Competitive or Recreational)

For Youth or Adult Skaters who wish to skate with the Club and are not new to Speed Skating.

For skaters who wish to skate 1, 2, or 3 Nights a Week as a recreational or competitive skater. Advanced Competitive Skaters may (in some seasons) have the option of skating 3 Nights a week. Higher-level skaters who qualify for CanWest or CYLT will be upgraded, upon qualification, to Provincial/Territorial Athletes and invoiced for the fee difference. 

All Club Athletes are encouraged to participate in our Club's Meets in November (Short Track) and January (Long Track) as well as in any Speed Skating Alberta sanctioned local meets (e.g. Rocky Mountain House, Edmonton, Calgary) as a fun, learning experience for kids of all ages. Meet Registration will be through IceReg (separate links for each Meet) and information will be emailed to the Club Roster. 

All regular programs (unless otherwise noted) include the use of one short-track pair of speed skates needed for most competitions and practices. Higher-level athletes may need to purchase additional equipment. For higher-level athletes skating 2 or 3 nights a week who own their skates, there is a "with Equipment" program option in the online registration system.

Families can register online for the full season (Oct-Mar) or for a half-season. Speed Skating Alberta and Speed Skating Canada Category fees are paid in full and Club Fees/Skate Rentals are divided in half for Fall/Winter registrations. 

Club Program and Athlete Development

RDLSSC Programs follow the Speed Skating Canada Long Term Athlete Development model ( 

The Head Coach, with information provided by the Registrar, places skaters in Groups based on their ability and age. Returning Skaters will always start the season with their Group from the previous year until their development and ability can be assessed by the Coaches. 

New Skaters and younger skaters in the Active Start (Club Skaters age 0-6), Fundaments (Club Skaters ages 6-9), and Learning To Train (Club Ckaters Ages 8-10 and Youth Ages 11-13) will often start in Group 1 and are evaluated through the season. Group 1 Skaters have the option of skating 1 Night or 2 Nights per week. 

Group 2 is for older or more advanced skaters who are developmentally able to skate with Group 2 with an increased focus on competition. This includes some Youth 11-13 (Learning to Train & Training to Train) Skaters, and Neo-Junior/Junior Skaters (Ages 14+). Group 2 Skaters normally skate 2 Nights a Week (in some seasons there is the option to skate 3 Nights per Week) and engage in dryland and cross-training for general fitness and endurance training. 

Our Club has both Short and Long Track built into our Programs. Long Track is weather dependent and we move to the outside Oval at Setters Place from mid-December to mid-February. 

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