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Red Deer Central Lions Speed Skating Club relies on adult volunteering and fundraising generated through several yearly events to make our Club work for our skaters. These activities are in place to help us keep our sport affordable for all families.

Information on Volunteer Expectations are here. For information on Fundraising see: Fundraising and Support pages. We raise funds through FundScrip! Learn more about how your everyday purchases can Support our Club!

Title Sponsors and Club Timers: The Red Deer Central Lions!

The Red Deer Central Lions have been our Title Sponsor since 1953! They have supported us with monetary donations each year and with their time -- the Lions volunteer each year at our Meets as Timers. We cannot thank them enough for their continued support!

In 2019, the Red Deer Central Lions were the Speed Skating Canada Sport Champion Award Partner of the Year! 

Volunteer Expectations for Club Members

General Volunteering

  • Group 1 Mat Set-Up: for every practice session, all Group 1 Adults and any Group 2 Assistant Coaches (who help with Group 1) are expected to be on the ice to help set-up the mats. Group 1 Skaters cannot be on the ice until the mats are in position. The more adults who help with this, the faster the skaters are on the ice. Group 1 Adults, please arrive early enough that your skater is ready to go and can be waiting in the box while adults are on the ice setting up mats. Mat set-up starts as soon as the ice re-surfacer is off the ice (between 5:35pm and 5:45pm).

  • Group 2 Mat Take-Down: Group 2 Skaters and Adults help take down the mats following the end of practices.

  • Speed Skating Meets: RDCLSSC normally hosts two meets per year (Short Track in November and Long Track in January) and may host additional higher-level meets such as Canadian Youth Long Track, Canada Cup, or CanWest if awarded. For all meets, all Club Skaters are encouraged to participate in the meets as learning meets (for new skaters) and competitive meets (for all skaters). At all meets, families volunteer time to run the meet and donate food items (sign-up sheets for both will be posted or emailed out to the Club). For more information, see Volunteering at Meets.

  • Club Roles, Jobs, and Tasks: Speed Skating, like many sports, relies on parents to be Officials. We encourage all adults to become Level 1 Officials and, for specific roles, Level 2. There are also many general tasks and jobs that the Executive will delegate to Club Members. Adult Members will need to sign up as Junior Executive Members. 

  • Casino Shifts: every 3 years, the Club is granted a casino and must cover all shifts. The funds generated (approximately $20,000) help pay for capital costs (such as ice) over the next three years until we have another casino. Adults in each skater’s family sign up for shifts (at least one shift per skater/family). In the past, additional adults (aunts, uncles, grandparents) have also worked shifts. The shifts are easy (really easy!) and fun. Next Casino: 2023-2024 (November 2019 was the Club's last casino and the cycle has been delayed due to the pandemic).

Summary of Costs to Families for Volunteering

  • Mat Set-up: $0.00
  • Meet Shifts: $0.00
  • Food for Meets: $10.00-$20.00 (depending on items)
  • Casino Volunteering (2019; next Casino TBD): $0.00
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