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Equipment & Clothing

Speed Skating requires specific equipment but most of it is readily available or included in registration! 

The best clothing for speed skating allows for full freedom of movement while conforming to the body shape and not causing unnecessary wind resistance. It should also provide adequate warmth. Several thin layers are better than one bulky garment.

Required Equipment 

  • Head: a hard-shell speed skating helmet (or hockey/ringette and winter sport helmets)

  • Eyes: Protective (shatter-proof) eyewear with a head strap

  • Neck: a bib-style neck protector

  • Hands: cut-resistant / non-woven mitts or gloves (ski mitts or leather gloves are best; kevlar gloves are also available; for outside skating, lined leather gloves or mitts are best)

  • Knees: knee pads (soft, volleyball style); Elbow Pads are also good for new skaters

  • Shins: shin guards (hard, soccer style)

  • Ankles: Kevlar (cut-resistant) ankle guards (provided by the Club)

  • Feet: Speed Skates or Hockey Skates to start (Speed Skates provided by the Club)


Safe. Fun. Accessible.

Where to Find?

Many of the required equipment pieces can be obtained easily in Red Deer. Skates are rented through the Club as are kevlar ankle guards. Hockey neck guards, helmets, and elbow pads, soccer shin guards, and volleyball knee pads are all easy to find at a local sports store and provide excellent protection for young skaters. There are also numerous online sources for specific Speed Skating gear. 

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