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Heat Molding Skates

Heat Molding Speed Skates for Comfort and Fit

Fit is everything! You can perfect the fit of your skates by heat molding them. And it's easy! 

If you are getting blisters, it likely means that your skates are too big. Follow proper blister care to help heal blisters. Then please talk to our Equipment Manager about trying a different pair or size of skates (different brands of skates will fit differently).


If your skates feel fine, then you don't need to do anything.


But, if your new skates just feel a little off or uncomfortable, heat molding can be the solution! Here is how to quickly and easily heat mold your skates! 

Heat Molding Speed Skates

If your new skates aren't fitting quite right, you can heat mold them! Heat molding speed skates can help them fit your individual foot and reduce blisters. If you have a blister, follow regular care such as blister pads to protect and cushion while skating.


What follows are instructions for how to heat mold your speed skates at home. If you need any help, please contact the Club before you start!

  • Preheat your oven to 180 degrees F (make sure it is Fahrenheit -- this is likely the lowest setting on most ovens).

  • Put on thin/normal socks that you would wear during practice.

  • Loosen laces and undo Velcro or buckles, but tuck them into the boots or out of the way, so they do not dangle!

  • Place a chair in the kitchen over an area rug or towel (to protect the floor from the skate blade when you put it on after heating). The chair should have room to tuck the blades underneath and be high enough to allow the ankles to be bent. A low couch is generally not suitable.

  • Do one skate in the oven at a time. Take off the skate blade's plastic hard guards.

  • Place a tea towel on the rack a cookie sheet and place one skates on the tea towel. Wrap the skate blade in a towel to protect it. Make sure the skates are centered in the oven and will not be damaged from flame or burner (including those laces and Velcro straps).

  • Heat the skate for 10 – 12 minutes.

  • When the time is up, remove one skate and put the other skate in the oven.

  • Sit in a chair when putting on the skate, and do NOT walk on the warm skates.

  • While inserting your foot into the boot, ensure that you hold the top of the boot around the Achilles/ankle area to prevent compressing the back of the skate.

  • Lace up to a normal tightness but do not over-tighten the skate laces as the eyelets may be weakened from heating. There should be no need to tighten the buckle or Velcro.

  • Sitting in the chair you will push your knee over your toes and align the centre of your knee over your 2nd toe. Keeping the boot square is very important during the molding process (do not let ankle fall inward). This achieves molding in the skating position. .

  • Along with the critical knee over skate angle, it is important for the skater to go through the full range of motion. Remaining seated in the chair you will slide your foot forward putting you in an extension position. The motion should not be held and should be repeated every 5 minutes. Getting the extended position in the mold will greatly improve comfort when standing up, as well as improve performance for stretching at the line. After the extended position is achieved quickly return the foot to the previous knee over skate position.

  • Skates should take 5-10 min to cool

  • Repeat with 2nd skate.

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