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Skater Info

From Personal Bests to Heat Molding Skates - read on for Skater Info!

Personal Bests

Speed Skating Alberta tracks Personal Bests for alL Skaters in Short Track and links to the Long Track Results Database:


Warm-Up Exercises

Off Ice Warm-Up Exercises

  • Swing arms horizontally

  • Swing arms around like windmills

  • Bend over and touch the ice

  • Spread legs going forward and backwards

  • Drop alternate knees and up again

  • Drop down on both knees and get up again

  • Drop down in deep crouch and extend each leg straight out

  • Bring each knee up to the chest

  • Bend each knee around back

  • Extend each leg out one at a time

  • Head swirls

  • Balance on one skate


On Ice Warm-Ups & Mid-Season Warm-Up

  • 2-5 slow laps

  • Games: Follow the leader

Skater Development

Our Club follows the Skater Development plans and policies of Speed Skating Canada. We believe in age-appropriate and fun activity to create speed-skaters for life!

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