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Club Policies: Refunds and Non-Sufficient Funds (NSF) Cheques

Program Refunds

Skaters that leave the Club prior to December 15th will receive a 50% refund of their registration fees after AASSA/CASSA dues have been deducted. Skaters that leave the program after December 15th will not receive a refund.

An administration fee of $25.00 will be deducted from the registration fees.

Non-Sufficient Funds (NSF) Cheques

A cheque returned due to insufficient funds or other issues that stop payment from going through will incur an NSF charge of $30.00 The amount of the NSF charge along with the fee will be due and payable upon demand. Cash, a cashier’s cheque, or money order will be required to fulfill the payment after a NSF cheque has been submitted. Skaters may be prohibited from participating until full payment has been received.

Communications and Publicity: Photographs & Videos of Skaters

We will send out via email a monthly newsletter to keep everyone up to date on the latest activities, upcoming skating competitions and other important information. Our primary method of communication is by email. Please ensure that we have your working email address(es) on file with the Club.

We will also have a monthly club calendar posted upstairs at the Kinex and at the Golden Circle when we are skating long track; there is also a public calendar for the club available online:

Photographs of Skaters

We may photograph skaters at meets and practices and photos may be used for publicity and promotion purposes, posted online through our Social Media platforms, and used in our Year-End Slideshow. All Club Members agree in their waiver to the use of their images in promotional materials. We encourage all parents/guardians and skaters to take photos and send them to: All photos are hosted on the Club Flickr site (names of skaters are not attached to photographs):

Website & Social Media

The Club uses several social media platforms to engage with the public, raise awareness about speed skating and the Club, and promote and praise our skaters. We encourage you to follow us on the following platforms and share them widely with your family and friends: