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Club Philosophy and Executive

The Club is guided by a philosophy of providing an enjoyable and valuable skating experience for all ages at a reasonable cost. We emphasize individual skill development in a fun learning environment to maximize each skater’s potential.


We strive to balance fairness and equality for all in a supportive learning program. This philosophy is necessarily tempered by the consideration that those who contribute more to the Club ought to receive more from the Club. Naturally, there are always tradeoffs in these matters, and that’s where the policy-making comes in. RDCLSSC’s philosophies and policies are either implicitly or explicitly determined by the Club Executive. You can influence those decisions by taking part in Club operations and/or by becoming a member of the Executive.


As a registered Non-Profit, the Red Deer Central Lions Speed Skating Club, 1985 (Red Deer Lions Speed Skating Club) is governed by an elected Board as described in our Bylaws.


To contact the Club or a Member of the Executive Board, please email:

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